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    Daniel Rona

    Daniel Rona and his son Steven are the ONLY LDS Licensed Guides in Israel who provide a World-Class touring experience in...

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    Stephen Rona

    Steven Rona

    Steven Rona is an LDS Licensed Guide in Israel providing a World-Class touring experience in the Holy Land . ....

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    The Time to Visit Israel
    is NOW!

    You sense it the minute you step down from the airplane at Ben Gurion Airport. There's something familiar, yet, very different about this land called ISRAEL. You will soon be seeing some of the ancient places of the Bible. They are all here -- places you've heard about since you were a child are now welcoming you to the Holy Land of Israel. Daniel Rona will be your guide in Israel. His Jewish background and gospel knowledge will give you...

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    Home Page

    Let’s talk about a family vacation, one that touches your heart forever, a kind of vacation that has an “eternal effect,” one that ranks high as a “Once in a Lifetime” dream fulfilled.

    Daniel Rona said, “That dream came to me more than 40-years ago, and so I became the first LDS Licensed Tour Guide in Israel, my son, Steven Aaron became the 2nd.” “We strive to create a life enhancing experience.” So, what do think would be the advantage for your Israel experience?’ Consider this answer, Father and Son, licensed guides in Israel . . . and you get, Americans, Israelis, Mormons and Jews. What could be better?

    Since you would appreciate an authoritative learning experience as well, consider that Daniel, with the help and brilliance of his son, has authored six books, including the Jewish/Mormon Gospel Doctrine Supplement material manuals for all the Sunday school lessons, and he produced six-TV-movies about the identities, religions and cultures of the fascinating people of Israel.

    That means, they are better in providing you with Jewish/LDS insights. Think about it, Daniel and Steven Rona provide you a better experience than just the usual site-seeing, multi-bus tours of Israel, even if you had an LDS person jumping from bus to bus, adding at least some story that could bring an LDS meaning!

    You know, we are inviting you . . . to invite us . . . to help you enjoy YOUR OWN personal experience. We think that is better than the often canned “tour-guide” trip. Daniel and Steven say, “You may call us, 800-272-RONA (7662).” Either Daniel or Steven will answer, (Marilyn Rona or Terry Kohler also help out)! “It’s personal, it’s our mission.” Shalom!

    P.S. By the way, Daniel Rona and family pioneered the ALL INCLUSIVE, spirit filled touring, with better hotels, better and more comfortable coaches with huge windows, WiFi and a better sound system where everyone can hear everybody’s questions. It was Daniel, a radio-TV broadcaster, who pioneered the personal headsets – with music – absolutely, to date, a state-of-the-art hearing – that no one else has matched. It is YOUR TOUR, so much better than being bussed in a fixed lecture.

    How about another consideration? In addition to the “guide,” (Israeli law requires a licensed guide on every vehicle), you are being guided by the only LDS Tour Operators in Israel. That makes the whole experience even better, because LDS standards apply in the entire event. You get experienced drivers who have never smoked, the bus has never been smoked in. The hotels have higher religious standards, and their restaurants observe the Jewish “Word of Wisdom,” kosher. And . . . the Sabbath is sacred, there’s no touring scheduled on Saturday, the LDS Sabbath in Israel.

    Oh, another thought, are you thinking of bringing non-LDS friends?

    You know, we talk “Mormon,” because it fills such a need for you, however, many non-LDS who toured Israel with Steven and Daniel have said, “We were surprised, you didn’t attempt to Mormonize us!” How pleasing it is for your Catholic friends to return home as better Catholics, your Baptist friends to return as better Baptists. Even the late Maurice Abravanel, conductor of the Utah Symphony, and the late Eugene Jelesnik, favored Utah entertainer, Jewish, who toured with Daniel Rona, each said, “I’m going home as a better Jew.”

    Their Israel experience with Daniel and Steven Rona, as well as yours, could be described as WOW, simply WOW.