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Jetzt ist die Zeit, um Israel zu besuchen!

In dem Moment, wenn Sie in Tel-Aviv aus dem Flugzeug steigen, können Sie etwas Vertrautes und zugleich etwas Befremdliches an diesem Land namens Israel spüren. Schon bald werden Sie einige der antiken Orte der Bibel sehen. Orte, von denen Sie vielleicht schon als Kind gehört haben, heißen Sie im Heiligen Land Israel willkommen.

Seit mehr als 43 Jahren, sind wir die einzigen HLT-Reiseleiter mit einer Lizenz in Israel!

Daniel Rona ist Ihr Deutsch sprechender HLT-Reiseleiter. Es ist eine wenig bekannte Tatsache, dass das Gesetz in Israel verlangt, einen autorisierten, lizensierten Reiseleiter auf jeder Tour dabei zu haben. Sein einmaliger Hintergrund erlaubt es Bruder Rona, den Geist des Heiligen Landes auf eine bemerkenswerte Weise zu teilen – ein deutschstämmiger, amerikanischer Israeli, ein Jude und ein Mormone. Bruder Ronas Wissen um das Evangelium wird Ihnen ein unvergleichliches Erlebnis im Heiligen Land bescheren.

Daniel Rona

Daniel Rona LDS Israel Tours

Daniel lives in Israel where he blends his Jewish heritage and amiable Arab relationships with years of church teaching experience and broadcasting skills in presenting an exciting and unique touring opportunity in the Holy Land. Since Israeli law requires a licensed guide for every tour, there is an exceptional advantage with Daniel Rona as your tour guide. More than thirty-eight years of touring in the Holy Land has made him the authoritative and premier LDS Israel guide. He has guided more LDS tours than all other tour operators, universities and travel agencies combined.

Even more beneficial is listening to Daniel, focusing on the Lord . . . feeling the spirit of the Holy Land. He brings special insights to the Tribes of Judah and Joseph, and their relationship with the Savior. Far beyond site-seeing, his tours are full of scriptural, historical and cultural insight. They are as entertaining as they are educational and enlightening.

For your learning benefit, he pioneered the use of state-of-the-art headset receivers for every tour member . . . his English is crystal clear and you’ll hear every word! As an Israeli guide with a love of the Savior, he arranges the touring itinerary according to ‘events’ rather than site-seeing locations. Miles ahead of the site Daniel sets the cultural, ethnic and religious background. At each day’s end events of the day are summarized with specially prepared video programs he produced for worldwide television. You get the best of Israel . . . with an Israeli using the best American know-how . . . giving you a World-Class experience with family, friends and Israel’s only LDS guide, Daniel Rona!

Touring with Daniel Rona is providing you with a ‘Spiritual Oasis in the Holy Land’ because of Daniel’s unique background, an ISRAELI, an AMERICAN, a MORMON and a JEW.

Fühlen Sie, wie in Ihrem Innern die Geistige Stimme erwacht! Call +1 800 272 RONA (7662) now!

Daniel & Steven: I can't believe how powerful the spirit has been with you. You can just feel it in the sacred places we went to.

Oh, another thought, you are thinking of bringing non-LDS friends...

You know, we talk "Mormon," because it fills such a need for you, however, many non-LDS friends who toured Israel with Steven and Daniel have said, "We were surprised, you didn’t attempt to Mormonize us!" How pleasing it is for your Catholic friends to return home as better Catholics, your Baptist friends to return as better Baptists. Even the late Maurice Abravanel, conductor of the Utah Symphony, and the late Eugene Jelesnik, favored Utah entertainer, Jewish, who toured with Daniel Rona, each said, "I’m going home as a better Jew."

Tour with us to reveal your Holy Land insights today.