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"Brother Rona's (Jewish LDS) knowledge was deep and comprehensive, and the presentation was delightful. The accommodations were excellent and the tours were fun, informative, and spiritually uplifting."

Brent & Paula Johnson (Orem, UT)

The ENSIGN FOUNDATION, a nonprofit charitable organization, helping those who consider themselves of The House of Israel to be an Ensign to the nations. Its purpose is to encourage the identity restoration of the Tribes of Joseph and Judah, so they will unite to rebuild Jerusalem and usher in the millennium. To this end, The ENSIGN FOUNDATION facilitates open dialogue between Joseph and Judah in joint projects of a scientific, cultural, educational or economic nature. The Foundation provides opportunities for both personal service and funding of projects that not only bring together Jew and non-Jew, but also reveal the values and qualities of each.

ENSIGN FOUNDATION projects you may support:

  • Scholarships – Provide study opportunities for Israeli and Arab students at BYU and other institutions, and also to provide American students the experience of Israeli cultures. Regularly, students from Israel, and Arab students from the West Bank bring their LDS educational experience back to their own people and homeland.
  • Statue of Responsibility – Daniel is a member of the Honorary Advisory Council to the Statue of Responsibility. The SOR Foundation was formed to fulfill the vision of Auschwitz survivor, Dr. Victor Frankl, author, “Man’s Search for Meaning.” He said, “Freedom is not the last word. Freedom is only part of the story and half of the truth. The positive aspect of freedom is responsibleness. That is why I recommend that the Statue of Liberty on the East Coast be supplemented by a Statue of Responsibility on the West Coast.” Utah sculpture, Gary Lee Price, was commissioned to create the statue. Utah is the official birthplace of the Statue. A location for the 300-foot high monument is being selected. It will encourage Liberty and Responsibility.
  • Lectures/Concerts/Firesides – Over the past 30-years, more than fifteen-hundred unique presentations have brought the spirit of the Holy Lands to those unable to visit in person. The ENSIGN FOUNDATION bears associated costs.
  • Holy Lands Humanitarian Services – Deliver handicapped equipment, wheelchairs, crutches, baby clothing, health/hygiene supplies, vitamins and medical supplies to the peoples of the Book of Mormon Lands. The monthly Daniel and Steven Rona LDS guided tours with members and non-members in Israel and Book of Mormon Lands have already helped hundreds, some resulting in new membership to the Church.
  • The Israel Revealed Book and Gospel Doctrine Supplemental Study Manuals – The books provide Israeli and LDS insights in exquisite words and pictures, equally inspiring to former and future visitors to the Holy Land. The four Gospel Doctrine Supplemental Manuals enhance every Sunday School lesson with Jewish/LDS insights. You’ll find free weekly summaries at www.HolyLands Revealed.com.

All donations to The ENSIGN FOUNDATION(ID #87-0518627) are tax deductible (IRS Code 501c3). You may also contribute your professional services. Enjoy the satisfaction of helping the Ensign Foundation to bless the lives of others by sharing in projects that fulfill your religious commitments. For more detailed information on the Foundation or for scheduling or attending Daniel’s speaking schedule, contact Kathy Ross by at (800) 272-7662, or by email at [email protected].

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