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Old Testament Summary Lesson 23: “The Lord Be Between Thee And Me Forever”

  1. Sources of Davidic History: Most of what we know about David, Saul, and his son Jonathan, comes from the Holy Scriptures. Some creative works have been produced, fired by imagination and legends. The only non biblical text ever discovered that includes the name of David with a time reference that connects it to his time was a stone used in a walkway leading to the entrance of “Tel Dan” in upper Galilee.
  2. Evil Spirits Moved In: The choosing of Saul was to satisfy the demands of the people who wanted a king like their surrounding neighbors. The worthiness of Saul waned as he disobeyed God, thereby losing the Spirit of the Lord. Evil spirits “moved in” on Saul. This is reflected in the fixation he had in killing David, who according to Jewish tradition was ordained King of Israel at an age of about twelve or thirteen.
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  4. Inferred Meanings: When David had cut Saul’s garment in a cave at Ein Gedi, Saul realized that David could have killed him. Yet David used the opportunity to bear his witness. He would not kill the Lord’s anointed. Saul probably understood that the statement was also valid in reverse . . . neither should Saul kill the Lord’s anointed. This logic is better understood by realizing that Hebrew is a language of inference. Often things said contain more meanings than the obvious words.
  5. Special Friendships: The friendship of David and Jonathan is still reflected in Israeli society. Long term, true friendships are created as young men and women serve in the military at the age of eighteen. In the army a bank president can be a jeep driver for an officer who is his employee. They trust and depend on each other. Their friendship transcends their civilian relationship.

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