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The joy of the Holy Land is in the feeling that comes from remembering the events that took place here. Great events were caused by humble prophets, and men wanting to be great were caused to be humble. This land was chosen by God to be the place for the revelation of truth. Abraham was sent here to establish the true worship of God. A religion and culture developed that would be spread to the surrounding lands and peoples, and thus Israel became the spiritual and temporal crossroads of the East. It is remarkable that such a little land had such a great effect on history.

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Itinerary of the Day

One of the "greatest experiences of your life" commences with your flight connecting into Tel-Aviv (Israel).

Itinerary of the Day

Arrival is usually at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV). After passport control, you will be met by a 'SMILE' representative who will assist you in claiming your luggage and escort you to your transfer 'Up to Jerusalem'. (For those arriving over the Jordan River, from one of the Optional Additional Programs, clear security, go through passport control, collect your luggage and exit the arrivals hall. Upon exiting the arrivals hall look for your driver, with your name placard, and proceed 'Up to Jerusalem')

Life, Death, and Resurrection

Sites of the Day:

Massada - Qumran (the Dead Sea Scrolls) - Dead Sea (Float) - The Jordan River Valley

Did “Good” Samaritan mean “Bad” Jew? Where do Dead Sea Scrolls come alive?

"The Living Desert" from the Israel Revealed video series by Daniel Rona.
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Insights of the Day

  • Zealots at Masada ultimately sacrificed their lives in vain with real hope of redemption. (Ezekiel 37 was the only full chapter surviving Masada’s ruins contain a promise of the hope of redemption.)
  • Learning of temples where the sacrifice of a lamb symbolizes the sacrifice of One bringing new life.
  • With hope of higher life, the Essenes, consecrating their wealth, migrated to the Dead Sea wilderness.
  • Today, as the land is being redeemed, ethnic identities and country-border lines are being extended in hope of peace.

Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit

(Becoming more inspired as the very air, water and earth reflect the Lord’s healing miracles).

Sites of the Day:

Capernaum - Sea of Galilee Boat Ride (availability depending on no sudden storms & group size) - Mt. of Beatitudes.

What does it take to “walk on water?” More about Jesus in Galilee.

"The Galilee" from the Israel Revealed video series by Daniel Rona.
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Insights of the Day

  • In Capernaum, where He performed most of his miracles, we learn of Jesus relieving the millstone of death, healing a family as “Talitha” arose.
  • The Sea of Galilee, continuing to provide Israel with water, maintains life in the land.
  • On the same water, the sinking Peter (Rock), crying “Lord save me,” learns that the “Rock of Salvation” came to save.
  • On the Mount of Beatitudes, opening eyes, ears and heart, the Savior taught “Come unto me,” promising the Healing Spirit.

Teach Me To Walk in the Light

(Receive a new appreciation of how the Gospel became available to all people.)

Sites of the Day:

Caesarea (Crusader City, Port & Theater) - Ancient Jaffa - The Judean Hillsides and ‘up to Jerusalem’

How to “get stoned?” The real story of Nazareth and Caesarea.

"The Way of the Sea" from the Israel Revealed video series by Daniel Rona.
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Insights of the Day

  • Almost” was not enough as Paul, teaching Herod Agrippa in Caesarea, challenges listeners to become like “I Am.”
  • Jonah, avoiding the call to teach Gentiles, by escaping to Jaffa, sinks to new heights as the Lord brings him up from the depths of the sea.
  • Terraces, olive trees and unfinished watchtowers used to maintain peace, remind us that all roads lead “Up to Jerusalem,” beckoning us to gather to the Mountain of the Lord to find “Shalom” - peace.

Symbols of the Past, Pattern the Future

(Appreciating the meaning, power, and symbolism of biblical temples.)

Sites of the Day:

The Temple Mount (Dome of the Rock & Al-Aksa) - The Model City (2nd Temple Period) - Shrine of the Book (Dead Sea Scrolls) - The Israel Museum (Archeology) - Bethlehem (Manger Square & Church)

Was it "Temple Square" or a building? Moslem claims to the Temple Mount?

"Jerusalem's Holy Places" from the Israel Revealed video series by Daniel Rona.
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Insights of the Day

  • The Savior’s House, located on the Temple Mount (where Moslem worship patterns are witnessed today), causes one to ask, “Will He suddenly return home to the same place?”
  • In the Israel Museum, ancient temple artifacts reflect the timeless eternity of worship practices.
  • The Essenes’ Dead Sea Scrolls reveal a redesigned temple that includes the entire city of Jerusalem. Although they had an understanding of the signs of the seasons, they failed to recognize the Lord and the signs of his times.
  • A view of a miniature city of 2000-years ago, revealing Jerusalem’s major impact on the world, also reminds us that from the City of Peace (Shalom) came His peace.

Rebuilding and Restoring

(Discovering echoes of ancient temple customs to increase understanding of modern temples.)

Sites of the Day:

Old City & Cardo (Christian & Jewish Quarters) - The Western (‘Wailing’) Wall - Temple Mount Archeological Park - The Hillsides of Bethlehem

How would it feel to "Walk Today Where Jesus Walked?"

"Jerusalem at Worship" from the Israel Revealed video series by Daniel Rona.
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Insights of the Day

  • The Savior’s atonement (obscured by arguments over ownership of a Sepulcher) manifests itself in the rebuilding of Jerusalem.
  • Destroyed by fire in the first century, the preserved & rebuilt ruins of the Holy City remind us of promised redemption.
  • One discovers temple-like clothing and ritual celebration at the Western (Wailing) Wall.
  • Ancient money changers, who assisted people with temple worship, are remembered as one steps where Jesus walked.
  • Bethlehem hillsides with sheep and shepherds overshadow churches’ disputations of ownership of Jesus’ traditional birthplace. The loneliness, obscurity and difficulty of His birth are sweetly replaced with songs of Herald Angels.
  • Israel, the diamond capital of the world, reveals its knowhow & “brilliant” skills. (Precious gem stones, including a diamond, were used in the ancient Temple.)

I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked

(Recognizing your soul’s response to the very earth and stones testifying of the atonement.)

Sites of the Day:

An Upper Room - Mt. of Olives (account of Gethsemane) & Church of all Nations - Caiaphas’ Palace & Antonia Fortress (accounts of trial before Caiaphas & Pilate) - Place of a Skull - The Garden Tomb (Death, Burial & Resurrection)

Where are the "Three Days and Three Nights" in the scriptures?

"The Footsteps of Jesus" from the Israel Revealed video series by Daniel Rona.
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Insights of the Day

  • The symbolism of Passover rituals set the stage for understanding the Last Supper and the sacrament.
  • The Mount of Olives, place of the Red heifer sacrifices, is where the Savior’s blood-stained atoning sacrifice occurred. He will return to this mount in red clothing.
  • Walking ancient steps to Caiphas’ and Pontius Pilate’s palaces, reminds us of the mocking trials He endured.
  • Remembering the reason He came, visualizing along the roadway, a visible place of execution. Close by, a Jewish Garden Tomb of the first century is empty, quietly reminding us that He lives. He suffered, died, and came alive again, preparing the way for us to be together with Him and our Father in Heaven.

The Peaceful Sabbath Day

“The Sabbath of the LORD thy God.”

Sites of the Day:

BYU Jerusalem Center - Sabbath Services with the Jerusalem Branch - Afternoon at Leisure (for rest & worship)

How did the LDS Sabbath come to be on Saturday in Israel?

BYU Jerusalem Center
BYU Jerusalem Center

Insights of the Day

  • With the re-establishment of the Jerusalem Branch in the Latter-days, the Brethren established Church approval for Saturday observance of the Sabbath in Israel.
  • With respect for the “cultural and religious identity of the people of Israel,” LDS church members are welcome to attend LDS Sabbath Services with the Jerusalem Branch.
  • The afternoon is at leisure, perhaps for venturing on one’s own into the Old City & walking atop its walls!

“Lowest” to the “Highest” Places on the Face of the Earth

(Feeling heaven’s presence open your soul at two of the four known earthly locations where God the Father testified of His beloved son.)

Sites of the Day:

Oldest Jewish Cemetery in the World (along a Road to Jericho) - A Samaritan’s Inn - Jordan River Baptismal Site - The Spring of Harod - Mt. Tabor (the Transfiguration)

How did the Mt. of Transfiguration become the highest spot on the face of the Earth?

"Transfiguration" from the Israel Revealed video series by Daniel Rona.
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Insights of the Day

  • The Savior told a story of a Levite and a Priest, and of a Samaritan (who ended up extending himself past his ethnic identity, saving a life).
  • At the lowest spot on the face of the Earth, where living waters still flows, the Savior descended below them all.
  • Simple followers, who save, are honored by one who has the higher glory.
  • The Savior, coming to be immersed, is tempted by wealth.
  • At Mt. Tabor, above the Armageddon, Pres. Spencer W. Kimball opened our eyes to “the highest spot on the face of the Earth.”

A Stone Mason, a Small Rock and a Stone Rejected - The Real Rock of Salvation

(Sensing the great power of the Creator by experiencing His hometown where He was rejected.)

Sites of the Day:

Tel Dan (Headwaters of the Jordan, Israelite Gate & Temple) find Caesarea Philippi - The Golan Heights - Nazareth Village (A Reconstruction of 1st Century Village Life)

Insights of the Day

  • The Savior, at the Headwaters of the Jordan River, asked, “Whom do men say that I am?” . . . here he named Simon “Rocky” (Peter).
  • The same water turning the millstones, grinding and producing bread, maintained life.
  • The ‘Fountain of Living Waters”, bearing the weight of our millstones, gives us life.
  • Quarries and Stone Rejected
  • The Savior, “passing through the midst of them”, taught us to walk in his light.

Simple Truths Revealed to Simple Prophets

(Absorbing the gospel’s peace as a contrast to the bible’s greatest battlefield.)

Sites of the Day:

Acco (A Crusader Port City) - Haifa (Templar Cemetery) - Haifa (Panorama) - Mount Carmel (Elijah & the Priest of Baal) - The Jezreel (Armageddon) Valley - Tel Megiddo

Insights of the Day

  • In Acco the unearthed crusader Knights and Templar Tunnel - underground escape routes - reveal the corruption of religion as monks became warriors prompting a wake-up call to the original meaning of “Onward Christian Soldiers.”
  • A modern city rising on a dew-endowed Mount Carmel, becomes the resting place of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as well as Bahai members. Learn how the feelings of brotherhood can replace persecution.
  • Realizing that even in a drought, the blessings of the priesthood can distill like the “Dews of Carmel.”
  • “Whose God is the real God?” - is answered by Elijah through a contest with the priests of Baal.
  • Name an army that has attempted to control the Middle east and realize they fought in the Armageddon Valley.
  • Tel-Megiddo was the creative idea for Michener’s book, “The Source.” The Prophet Harold B. Lee spoke insightfully about the “battle staging ground” that turned into the “breadbasket of Israel.”

The Temple and Living Waters

(Grasping antiquities’ awesomeness walking in ancient ruins and sifting ancient dust and dirt through your toes and fingers)

Sites of the Day:

The Western Wall Tunnel - Church of St. Anne (Pool of Bethesda) - Temple Mount Sifting Project - The City of David & Hezekiah's Tunnel - The Pool of Siloam

Insights of the Day

  • Massive hewn stones which form the foundation for the temple complex built by King Herod still lay witness to the Rock of Salvation.
  • A lame man of 38 years, waiting for relief at perceived place of healing, was commanded to "take up thy bed, and walk!".
  • Temple Mount Sifting Project - what does it feel like to sift through antiquities?
  • A blind man sent to receive new sight by living waters was witness of one sent by the Father to be a light to the world.
  • Destroyed by fire in the first century, the preserved and rebuilt ruins of the Holy City remind us of promised redemption.

A New Nation Built on an Ancient Inheritance

(Internalize the mercy of God as you recognize that mankind’s suffering is softened away through fulfillment of prophecies.)

Sites of the Day:

Mount Herzel - Yad Vashem (Holocaust Memorial Museum) - Mahane Yehuda (Jerusalem Open Air Market) - BYU Jerusalem Center - Orson Hyde Memorial Garden

Insights of the Day

  • Getting a sense of the heroes fulfilling God’s prophecies of the gathering of Israel.
  • Memories of destruction at Yad Vashem are supplanted amongst newly planted trees, replenishing the earth, and renewing eternal hope.
  • The Brigham Young University Center of Near Eastern Studies stands as a beacon of light over the city of Jerusalem.
  • Orson Hyde with a clear vision of Jerusalem, capital of a distinct nation, blessed the land to abound with water when possessed by its rightful heirs.

Out of Small, Simple Things Proceed Greatness

(Enhance your own humility as you internalize God’s hand in the affairs of His children.)

Sites of the Day:

On the Road to Emmaus - The Valley of Ajalon (Joshua, the sun and the moon & battles) - Bet Shemesh (Birth of Sampson) - Ramat Lehi (Sampson's Spring & 1st Temple Period Cave) - Valley of Elah (David & Goliath)

Insights of the Day

  • When He broke bread, they remembered the new words of the Last Supper, “Do this in remembrance . . .”.
  • Samson, from Bet Shemesh, a judge in Israel, misused his God-given strength. In crushing the Philistines, he worshiped himself.
  • At the High Place of Lehi, the Philistines' jaws drop as Samson finds relief.
  • A cavity in the rock is refuge to those escaping the destruction of Jerusalem's 1st temple.
  • David's childlike faith in the Lord brought down a giant with a sling and a stone.

Depart Israel

Today we say SHALOM (the traditional 'hello' and 'goodbye' in Israel means PEACE). "May peace be with you," and your family & friends always, as your Holy Land experience continues giving you eternal memories of the land, the people and the scriptures. For most, your airport shuttle transfers you to the Tel-Aviv airport for your scheduled Flight.

Optional Additional Programs, transfer to a Jordan River Crossing.

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  • 16 Day Extra Grand Program
  • 12 Full Days Touring with Daniel & Steven Rona The ONLY LDS Authorized Guides in Israel
  • Full Sabbath Worship with the Jerusalem Branch at the BYU Jerusalem Center
  • 14 Hotel Nights with Choice of Premium, Superior or Moderate Room Comfort Levels (10 in Jerusalem, 4 in the Galilee)
  • Breakfast & Dinner Daily with Hotel Nights
  • All Entrance Fees to Specified Sites
  • Daniel and Steven Rona speak quietly through high-quality head microphones and mix soft music accompaniment with their scriptural renditions, also providing you with reverent background music in times of quiet contemplation... The artists and orchestral background music include, Piano Artistry - Marvin Goldstein, Famed Movie Theme Composer - Lex DeAzevedo, Acclaimed Acoustic Guitar - Michael Dowdle, Angelic Singer - Sarah Morgann, Inspiring Janice Kapp Parry, and Beloved Lyricist/ Performer - Michael McLean. In a typical tour you be treated to more than 100 renditions, more than 350 minutes and almost 6 hours of inspiring music!
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    • Transfer to Airport to Match your flight – flexible to depart whenever you like ($25 value)
    • 12 Lunches on 12 Tour Days – on location or enroute (up to $145 value)
    • Dead Sea Float – towels supplied ($10 value)
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Your Responsibility: visa/border charges (usually included in airline tickets), additional travel insurance coverage, room service & extra drinks, items of personal nature, and additional voluntary gratuities

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Resources For Your Tour In The Holy Land

Israel Travel Resources

Please use the links below as helpful resources for your journey in the Holy Land. Israel welcomes you with peace to the Holy Lands:

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Israel's landscapes are as varied as her people, with ocean and seas, plains and mountains. It is green, and there is water! It is a good land, where Jews, Moslems, and Christians raise their families. A feeling of peace and youthful growth exists even though its history is almost as old as civilization - a country more than 50 years old, going on to five thousand years old and conquered close to 30 times.

Mount of Olives LDS Tour

The conquerors have included (alphabetically), Arabs, Assyrians, Babylonians, Canaanites, Crusaders, Egyptians, French, Greeks, Hyksos, Hittites, Israelites, Jebusites, Mamelukes, Meads, Persians, Philistines, Romans, Syrians, and Turks. The people that continue to live in this land are the remaining Jews and the Arabs.

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