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Little Bit of Israel

Little known insights about the Holy Land only with Daniel & Steven Rona

Choose a day and time to have Daniel & Steven join you in your home

Click on the register button below and please select program, date, and time in the drop down lists. All you need to view is a mobile phone, computer, or tablet with internet connection.

Expect around a half hour of engaging, heartfelt insights.
You'll watch and love the "aha’s," and even ask questions!

What to expect:

  • You need to be a few minutes early.
  • You need good internet/wifi.
  • Use a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone connected to the internet.
  • Have your family and friends with you because this is a family/friend event.
  • This is an interactive online event.
  • It will last around a half hour.
  • There will be polls, you can ask questions.

Daniel and Steven Rona will guide you on this journey of a lifetime. We enthusiastically look forward to be with you!

The Rona Family

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