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Important Passport Information

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We are excited to have you join Daniel or Steven Rona in their homeland on the tour of a lifetime. To ensure that all of your transfers and travel arrangements go smoothly, there is one important need that must be met on our behalf. Please submit clear copies of your passports (click here to renew or apply for a U.S. passport). We need these as soon as possible for several reasons:

  1. For those clients booking air through our office, we must match the name that appears on your passport to the name on your ticket. For instance, you may go by the name Craig, which is your middle name, but your full name, Patrick Craig McKenzie, may be the name on your passport. The name the airlines require on your ticket is your first given name and surname. To avoid any miscommunication regarding this, we require a submitted copy of your passport. If your passport name does not match your airline ticket name, it may result in a $250 fine or a complete loss of reservation.
  2. For all clients, if your passport is lost or stolen, a copy proves that you have citizenship. The copy provides quick access to the necessary files and records verifying American citizenship.
  3. For all clients, a valid passport is a legal requirement in Israel, and we need a copy to send our Jerusalem office prior to your arrival and departure in Tel Aviv, Israel. All passports must be VALID for at least SIX months after your trip ends (U.S. Passports & International Travel Frequently Asked Questions, Israel Passport Requirements, Jordan Passport Requirements, Egypt Passport Requirements, Turkey Passport Requirements).
  4. For those traveling to Egypt and/or Petra(in Jordan), your passport is absolutely necessary to get an Egyptian and/or Jordanian Visa.


We appreciate your assistance in helping us make the proper and correct arrangements for your experience of a life time to the Holy Land. Please feel free to contact us with questions you may have.

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