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Reading & Preparation List

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The number one question asked is, “How should I prepare for my trip, what books should I read?”


In response to requests like these, to better prepare yourself for your Experience of a Lifetime in the Holy Land with Israel REVEALED, we offer the following suggestions:


1. First and foremost are the scriptures (Remember to take these with you!)

(especially chapters
1, 9, 22, 29 & 63)
Acts chapters 10 & 26
Deuteronomy chapter 4
Joshua chapters 19 & 21
Leviticus chapters 1 & 16
Numbers chapter 19
II Chronicles 3, 28 & 33
I Samuel chapters 15 & 17
I Kings chapter 18
Judges chapters 13-18
Ezekiel chapter 37
Zechariah chapter 11
Psalms 137
Topical Guide references –
– under Jesus Christ Prophecies

2. Other books:

The Source — James Michener
The Haj — Leon Uris
Exodus — Leon Uris
Grafting In — the story of the LDS Jerusalem Branch
A Day in Israel — picture book
Temples and Cosmos — Hugh Nibley
O Jerusalem – Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre
Check with your local library for additional suggestions


A. Begin an exercise program (check with your doctor)
B. Walk each day, starting slowly and walking short distances. Work your way up to at least a mile a day.
C. NOTE: Wheelchairs are available for those who need them.
Let the airport know that you will need it while you are traveling so they can inform their staff. Please remember to let us know if you will need one while touring. We store one on the bus for anyone who needs to use it.
D. Swimming is good exercise, and there are opportunities for you to swim in Israel at some of the hotel pools and in the Dead Sea (where you really float more than swim, remember your swimsuit).


III. Recommended Movies

A. The 2 DVD Set of ISRAEL REVEALED with Daniel Rona
B. Fiddler on the Roof
C. Ten Commandments
D. The Bible
E. Exodus
F. Schindler’s List
G. The Seventh Coin
H. Masada

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