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The Language

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Although other languages, especially English, are widely spoken, it is a good idea to know some basic Hebrew words before coming to the country. It is also fun to try and speak a different language! Here are some common phrases that may help you find the language a little less daunting:

(words are pronounced how they are shown)

Shalom Peace
Boker Tov Good Morning
Erev Tov Good Evening
Ken Yes
Lo No
Bevakasha Please
Toda Thank You
Tov Good
Gadol Big
Katan Little
Ani I/me
Kama How Much?
Mis’ada Restaurant
Mayim Water
Harbà Many
Rega Stop; Wait a Minute
Malon Hotel
Hanut Shop
Monit Taxi

Nahon Correct
Lo Nahon Wrong
Yemin Right
Smol Left
Matai? When?
Eyfo? Where Is?
Yashar Straight
Ehad One
Shtayim Two
Shalosh Three
Arba Four
Hamesh Five
Shesh Six
Sheva Seven
Shmonà Eight
Taysha Nine
Esser Ten
Me’a Hundred
Elef Thousand

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