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What & How To Pack

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Two words say it best…TRAVEL LIGHT! If you can’t handle your luggage by yourself, IT’S TOO HEAVY! Remember that the souvenirs you buy will also add additional weight. One suitcase and one carry-on will be sufficient. Always keep a change of clothes and any medications you may need in your carry-on.


The goal is to remain perfectly comfortable, neat, and clean while packing as little as possible. Your suitcase should not act as a mobile closet in offering you the same variety and selection as your wardrobe at home.


As a suggestion …Organize your travel wardrobe around one or two colors — for example, blue or brown, — that allows you to mix and match clothes. Pick clothes for their adaptability and compatibility. This way, you will put together the widest variety of wardrobe with the fewest pieces of clothing. Cottons or cotton blends will be more comfortable than polyesters. During the hot months, avoid dark colors; as they absorb the sun’s heat.


WHAT…Most of your time will be spent touring, so choose comfortable, casual attire. For church, a dress shirt and tie are suggested for the men, and a dress or skirt and blouse and low-heeled dress shoes are suggested for the women. Walking shoes should be comfortable and BROKEN IN! Tennis shoes would be a good choice. You may want to consider a sweater, windbreaker, and raincoat, mid-weight coat or heavy jacket for winter months. Don’t forget sunglasses and swim wear. Umbrellas are handy for both the sun and the rain. We recommend that most of your clothes be wash and wear. Clothes you can hand wash and hang to dry overnight are convenient. Woolite™ or a small bottle of dishwashing liquid will do the trick. Inquire with Daniel or Steven about laundry services available.


HOW…A recommended packing procedure is the layer method, designed to get everything in and out of a bag with as few wrinkles as possible. Heavy items go on the bottom and sides, and corners are stuffed with small articles such as socks, underwear, shoes, handbags, and bathing suits. Then layer on the more easily wrinkled items, such as shirts and slacks, dresses and skirts, or even jackets. Pack them with as few folds as possible. On the top layer put the immediate needs, such as pajamas, sweater, raincoat, etc. Make the layers even and the total content as full and firm as possible to keep from shifting around during transit.


Remember your “guidebooks to the Holy Lands” — your scriptures!!!

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Some Suggestions for what to bring with you:


*Take an empty suitcase or a duffle bag. Put dirty clothes in the extra bag and pack the gifts in your suitcase for the trip home. If they are fragile gifts, place them in your carry-on.

* A fanny pack or small backpack that is large enough to hold scriptures, camera, a small bottle of hand sanitizer, small package of Kleenex, Granola bar and mini fan is one of the best things that we can recommend for comfort and enjoyment of the tour.

* Put bottles of liquid and gooey things in zip-lock bags . . . things open in the airplane!

*Bring a six-pack of pocket tissues… you can sell them for $100 in the bathrooms without any TP… ha ha!

* Take some zip-lock bags for small treasures that you may find along the way such as flowers to press in your scriptures. Save things for a scrapbook.

* Bring Sunday dress for the Sabbath. A skirt and sandals are fine for the women . . . white shirt and tie for the men.

* Take some snacks such as trail mix or dried fruit from home to munch on. Put them in mini zip-lock pouches.

* A mini-calculator is great to keep in your fanny pack to help you with money conversion.

* Take individual wet wipes in a fanny pack for times when there is no soap in the bathroom. A little bottle of hand sanitizer also works great.

* Bring $50-$60 in cash for Egypt & Jordan border crossing fees. These are fees that we cannot collect prior to the tour and must be paid at the time of crossing.

* Small hand-held battery fans feel great when it gets stuffy or you are in close quarters. Some of the fans have a little water bottle attached to them which provides even more relief on warm days.

*Bring a waterproof rain coat or jacket depending on the season you are traveling.

*Bring comfortable BROKEN-IN shoes for walking.

*Bring plastic sandals for wading in the salty Dead Sea.

*Remember to take your air itinerary/tickets, vouchers and passports.


When you return, give us your own handy hints, and we’ll add them to this list!


Phone: 1-800-272-RONA (7662)

E-Mail: [email protected]

Fax: 801-278-4821


Following is a suggested check list for your upcoming trip:

Air Tickets/ Itinerary Reading Glasses
Passport Hat and Sun Glasses
Land Itineraries Band-Aids
Travel Vouchers Travel Umbrella
Phone Numbers/Hotel List Travel Insurance
Name Tag Toothbrush/paste
Scriptures Toiletries
Wallet Sun block / Insect Repellant
Tissue Wet Wipes / Hand Sanitizer
Safety Pins Medications (Prescription and Non-Prescription*)
Pen and Paper Clothing – including Sunday dress.
Camera and Film Socks
Electrical appliance adaptors Walking Shoes
Plastic Ziplock Bags Sweater, windbreaker, jacket, raincoat (Nov-Mar)
Sewing Kit Swimming Suit

(*Non-Prescription medication may include: Pain killers, antacids, laxatives, anti-diarrheal medication and/or others. Please remember to bring a list of your prescription medications)

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