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Sukkot, Jewish Thanksgiving & Harvest Holiday

[caption align="aligncenter"]Turkey Tom[/caption] The Thanksgiving symbol of plenty, a horned basket, resembles the Jewish shofar, and of course, both Sukkot and Thanksgiving feature bountiful amounts of delicious, seasonally-inspired foods. Perhaps, most enjoyable part of Sukkot is the food. Okay, the traditional American Thanksgiving food is turkey, So, how is it that Israelis now consume more turkey per capita than anyone in the world, even counting American thanksgiving, so ubiquitous that…

So, the Jews have a “Wishing Wall?”

More than 10-million people visit the Western (Wailing) Wall every year stuffing a million little pieces of paper, scribbled prayers of wishes and wants, into the cracks and seams of the ancient blocks holding the two-thousand-year-old Temple Square. So, I thought, does that mean Gentiles have a "wishing well," and Jews have a "wishing wall?" The late Rabbi Yehuda Goetz, overseeing the Wall for 26-years, revealed that the more religious…

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