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Flat, Dry & Dangerous? Israel, Israel, God is Calling!

[caption align="aligncenter"]The Sea of Galilee is Calling![/caption] Israel is a good land, where Jews, Moslems and Christians raise their families. A feeling of peace and youthful growth exists even though its history is almost as old as civilization. The country itself is about 65 miles wide and 200 miles long. There's no gold or silver here to make the land worth conquering. Even the late Golda Meir chided Moses, "He…

Hand it over!

"Give me a hand," or "Hand it to me," are some daily expressions we use almost without thinking. The Book of Mormon has another one, "Know ye not that ye are in the hands of God?" (Mormon 5:23) The hand is a powerful metaphor in Judaic tradition. Modern Judaism, however, attempts to pull away from the literal imagery of God’s hand. Yet, when reading the Torah scroll, often a pointer…

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