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Hunger And Thirst… For What?

Jordan River Baptism Israel
Baptism On The Jordan River, Israel

One thing many of us take for granted is time spent with family. Sometimes, we think that we can make up for lost time and put other priorities ahead of that quality time or experience, only to discover that time spent with family is a higher priority in life.

A spirit-filled travel experience in Israel is one of the more indelible ways to create lasting memories and experiences, as it develops an unbreakable bond. At the end of our life, we won’t be thinking about the new car we bought or that amazing dining room set we used a few times a year. Instead, we’ll treasure the memories of loved ones and the experiences we shared following the Savior’s footsteps.

The week, a fellow travel professional, Mark Murphy, CEO of, shared many of the above thoughts . He told us that was diagnosed with cancer which disrupted his carefully scripted plans for 2017, and he had to focus on treatments starting in two weeks.

What Really Matters In Life?

Happy Family
Happy Family

The first thing he thought about, was: where can he and his family travel to in the next two weeks? He thought about travel first, not because of what he does professionally, but because of the power it has, to open a family’s eyes to the beauty all around.

Like Mark, I often think of the beauty of a loving family, the calming effects of a warm breeze and the simple pleasure of watching the sun rise in the morning and set in the evening in sacred surroundings. Add to that, the comforting feelings and the lasting strength that comes from “listening” to the “rocks shout” and “hearing” the “flowers praise” the Savior. Imagine what it is like as you and I walk the very paths, and sail on the very sea, he walked.

Steven and I are looking forward to the experiences we will have, and the enduring memories that will be the result. Like Mr. Murphy, the idea of “selling” travel is one that we don’t adhere to. We believe that you will “buy-in” to the Holy Land experience, because you want a personal connection to the biblical stories that touch you. Jesus was a great storyteller. We are able to share those stories and events because we were born and raised in Israel, our homeland, the Savior’s homeland.

It’s really that simple, add to the depth of your personal experiences, think how you have felt through someone else’s stories, and now you will, in person, with your family share the true feelings, where they originated.

Mark said, “I’ve traveled the world and built a successful company, but when it all comes down to it, I’m thinking about where I can connect with my family and bank more memories.”

As you “hunger and thirst” for happy, sacred memories, remember, we’ve already reserved your spot!

Remember your dream of walking in the footsteps of the Savior?

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