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Summary Lesson 23: “Seek Learning, Even By Study And Also By Faith”

  1. Key to Learning: The preface to these lesson supplements includes the first two verses of the Book of Mormon. Nephi gave the key to understanding the scriptures, the “learning of the Jews” along with the “knowledge of the mysteries of God.”
  2. World of Words: The Old Testament only has about 8,900 different words (English has more tha 1,000,000), yet the illustrative capacity of the prophets is expressed through the images that are given. Hence, ancient Daniel was able to interpret the king’s dreams using “the learning of the Jews” as well as being “Highly favored of the Lord.”
  3. The Law and the Prophets: “The custom of reading the Torah publicly is ancient . . . originating . . . (in the) fifth-fourth centuries B.C.E. At some later date a reading from the Nevi’im was added; this corresponding passage from the Prophets is known as the Haftorah.” (Encyclopedia Judaica Jr.) The Latter-day Saints’ use of the Doctrine and Covenants and the “Pearl of Great Price” constitutes the LDS Haftorah. Literally, it is the reading of the Nevi’im, the “Prophets,” with their explanations and heavenly insights.
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  5. Learning by Contrasts: A popular saying in Israel epitomizes the Jewish propensity for polemics. Jokingly, they say, “Two Jews in a conversation always come up with three opinions.” It is Jewish nature to discuss and even make up opposite points of view in order to derive a learning experience from the resulting contrasts.
  6. Three Basic Tools of Learning: God gave us seeing (visual), hearing (audio) and feeling (kinesthetic). One of the ways of recognizing these meta-programs (human perception modes) is in the words we use to describe our reactions: “I see,” “Sounds right to me,” “I feel all right about this.” “. . . then your eyes shall be opened . . .” (Genesis 3:5) “And Moses called all Israel . . . I speak in your ears . . .” (Deuteronomy 5:1) “Whoso keepeth the commandment shall feel no evil thing . . .” (Ecclesiastes 8:5)
  7. Balance of Learning and Work: “Maimonides proposed that the day be divided into thirds, with equal time for learning, labor and other matters.” (Encyclopedia Judaica Jr.)

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