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Summary Lesson 37: “We Thank Thee, O God, For A Prophet”

  1. Torah–Word of God: The Bible is holy to Jews because it represents the Word of God. “. . . the Torah . . . is . . . God’s direct statement. The halakhah, or Jewish law, which is the authoritative guide for a Jew’s life, is mainly based on the Torah. “The custom of reading the Torah publicly . . . originat(es) with Ezra in the fifth-fourth centuries B.C.E. At some later date a reading from the Nevi’im was added; this corresponding passage from the Prophets is known as the Haftorah.” (Encyclopedia Judaica Jr.)
  2. LDS “Reading of the Prophets:” Latter-day Saints’ use of the Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price and the Book of Mormon is the LDS Haftorah. Literally, the reading of the Nevi’im, the “Prophets,” with their explanations and heavenly insights.
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  4. Jewish Definition of Revelation: For Judaism, “looking to God” and “revelation” are almost figurative and in modern times have become unexplainable. “Revelation, the act by which the hidden, unknown God shows himself to man. God is said to ‘appear’ to the patriarchs and prophets, and the appearances are described by a series of anthropomorphic (i.e., human) expressions and concrete images. Sometimes God manifests Himself ‘in a vision’ or ‘in a dream’ or he appears through the mediation of an angel. However, the Bible emphasizes that no direct, sensory perception of God is possible. Thus, various phrases are used when describing appearances of the Divine, for example kavod (‘glory’) or shekhinah (. . . ‘Divine Presence’) or davar (‘word’ of God).” Encyclopedia Judaica Jr.)
  5. Prophet is Chosen: “A prophet is a charismatic individual endowed with the divine gift of both receiving and imparting the message of revelation . . . does not choose his profession but is chosen, often against his own will . . . although conscious of being overwhelmed by the divine word and of being involved in an encounter with God, is still capable of reacting and responding, and may even engage God in dialogue.” Encyclopedia Judaica Jr.)
  6. Prophets Witness of the Savior: In the New Testament, John knew who the Savior was. Like all prophets, he bore witness of the Lord and desired to bring people to Him. “Any inference that the Baptist was uncertain or doubtful in his own mind, as to the identity and mission of the Master, is totally unwarranted. In reality, the imprisoned Elias and forerunner of our Lord was using this means to persuade his disciples to forsake him and follow Jesus.” (Bruce R. McConkie, Doctrinal New Testament Commentary, Vol.1, p.251)

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